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Sensation Infracon has unveiled its latest architectural masterpiece in the vibrant financial district of Hyderabad—a towering co-living tower that claims the title of the world's tallest. Spanning an impressive 1,000,000 square feet, this extraordinary skyscraper presents an unparalleled living experience, complemented by a lavish 7-star club and a vast array of over 100 premium amenities.

With its commanding presence and cutting-edge design, this iconic structure stands as a testament to contemporary innovation, poised to redefine the city's skyline while offering residents an unrivaled lifestyle defined by comfort, sophistication, and convenience.


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Sensation Infracon has catalyzed its latest architectural marvel in the heart of Hyderabad's bustling financial district - the world's tallest co-living tower. Boasting a staggering 1,000,000 square feet, this luxurious skyscraper offers the ultimate living experience with its opulent 7-star club and over 100 premium amenities.

This towering landmark, an authentic tribute to modern innovation, is destined to transform the city's skyline and provide residents with an unsurpassed lifestyle of comfort, style, and convenience.

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Gachibowli, a renowned IT-ITeS and BFSI hub as well as a prominent financial district in Hyderabad, has become highly sought-after for both commercial office spaces and residential developments. The growth of commercial office projects in Gachibowli has attracted residential developers to establish projects in nearby micro markets, resulting in a surge of real estate activity in the region. In fact, Gachibowli dominates the residential market with 49 percent of quarterly launches, showcasing its strong presence and appeal.

Hyderabad, a vibrant and rapidly growing city, is currently grappling with an acute shortage of good quality serviced apartments. This scarcity has emerged as a significant challenge for individuals and businesses seeking comfortable and convenient accommodation options. The rising demand for serviced apartments, fueled by the city's booming economy and increasing influx of visitors, has surpassed the available supply.

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ROI, short for "Realm Of Investment Returns," encompasses the pursuit of attaining optimal investment returns while simultaneously delivering exceptional quality and living standards.

In the realm of real estate, ROI serves as the pinnacle objective for investors, symbolizing the ultimate aspiration to achieve remarkable financial gains alongside unparalleled quality and lifestyle.


9%assured returns




A tower of opulence, where luxury reigns supreme and indulgence knows no bounds.
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    Indulge in opulent extravagance and revel in unparalleled luxury as a privileged member of the awe-inspiring 88,000 sq. ft. club, where dreams become reality and exclusivity knows no bounds. Prepare to be mesmerized by a world of grandeur and sophistication, where every whim and desire is catered to with uncompromising attention to detail.


    As our esteemed hospitality partner, Oakwood provides world-class housekeeping services at subsidized rates, ensuring that your daily routines are simplified and stress-free. Whether you require assistance with tidying up your room or making your bed, Oakwood's 5-star services are designed to elevate your living experience.


    Our rooms at Hyderabad One are 100% Vastu-compliant, adhering to the principles of this ancient science to promote harmony, positivity, and well-being.


    Hyderabad One stands out as a high-rent-yielding asset, meaning it has the potential to generate substantial rental income for investors. The property's location, amenities, and market demand contribute to its attractiveness for tenants, allowing investors to benefit from steady rental returns.


    Hyderabad One boasts 47 floors of pure luxury, offering an unparalleled living experience. The property features India's most lavish club, providing residents with access to a wide range of premium, 100+ world-class amenities.



Apart from an impressive selection of more than 100+ world-class premium amenities, here are a few key features that distinguish this exceptional masterpiece.

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    7 Star Club House

    Where impeccable service, breathtaking vistas, and an array of bespoke services cater to the desires of the most discerning connoisseurs.

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    Globally Inspired Spa and Healing Haven

    Where the echoes of distant lands, the essence of indigenous rituals, and the wisdom of centuries-old therapies intertwine to create an unmatched wellness retreat.

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    Gaming and Virtual Reality Center for Children

    Where young minds can explore limitless virtual worlds and embark on unforgettable gaming experiences.

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    Smart Living Redefined

    Experience the best in space optimization with our Murphy beds. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and durable materials, our beds are built to stand the test of time.

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    International Brand Dry Gymnasium

    where premium equipment, meticulously curated workout programs, and a luxurious environment merge to create an unparalleled fitness haven.

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    International Brand Virtual Reality Gyms And CrossFit Arenas

    Where state-of-the-art virtual reality technology and CrossFit excellence come together to redefine your fitness potential.

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    World's Highest Aquarium Bar And Lounge

    Where the allure of panoramic cityscapes meets the serenity of underwater beauty, inviting you to savor the heights of sophistication and innovation.

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    India’s Highest Uv-C & Ozone Treated Infinity Edge Swimming Pool With Salt Electrolysis

    Where the magic of salt electrolysis and cutting-edge purification technologies redefine what it means to swim in unrivaled clarity and freshness.

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    World’s Highest Cigar And Wine Lounge

    Where the aromas of premium cigars, the rich flavors of exquisite wines, and the breathtaking scenery transport you to a realm of indulgence and tranquility.

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    World’s Highest Aqua Gymnasium

    Where the energizing properties of water, a world-class facility, and a commitment to your well-being combine to create a fitness sanctuary at the top of the world.

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    India’s Highest Open Air Rooftop Sky Lounge And Bar

    Where the enchantment of starry skies, a meticulously curated bar menu, and a chic atmosphere combine to redefine the art of rooftop socializing.



Apart from an impressive selection of more than 100+ world-class premium amenities, here are a few key features that distinguish this exceptional masterpiece.



Explore the language of architecture through our meticulously designed floor plans, where every line speaks volumes about the potential within.

Typical Floor Plan
Type A - Floor Plan
Type B - Floor Plan


Embrace a life where convenience becomes your constant companion, and the chaos of traffic fades into the background. Nestled in a picturesque haven, only moments separate you from the epitome of luxury and refinement, waiting to be savored and cherished.

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Oakwood Residence

Fairfield by Mariott

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  • Dr. Bhavishya Gupta (Founder & Managing Director)

    Dr. Bhavishya Gupta's Journey to Triumph

    Unlock your potential with our visionary expert, boasting an MS in Real Estate from NYU, USA, and over 15 years of industry experience. With a deep understanding of land acquisition, local regulations, and a talent for connecting with the right partners, this professional stays ahead of the competition and fosters global relationships with real estate experts. Join our exceptional team and embark on a journey to success.

  • Chapman Taylor

    Where Creativity Meets Success in the Architectural World

    Chapman Taylor, an esteemed global firm of award-winning architects, masterplanners, and interior designers, is renowned for its exceptional designs that combine creativity with success. Among their masterpieces lies Hyderabad One, an architectural gem where Chapman Taylor's touch has left an indelible mark.

  • Oakwood/Ascott International

    The gateway to luxury

    Oakwood is an internationally recognized hospitality company that manages a network of serviced apartments and hotels. Their diverse properties are strategically situated in urban centres, suburban locales, and resort destinations worldwide, offering top-notch accommodations and personalised service, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry.

  • Phoenix - Development Advisor

    Pioneering Pathways to Financial Success

    Phoenix Advisers, headquartered in New Delhi and Singapore, is a prominent firm providing Transaction Advisory and Multi-Family Office services. The firm's founders possess decades of valuable experience, specializing in advising on intricate transactions and delivering comprehensive Investment Advisory & Management solutions.

  • Facades - FCD India

    Leading the Way in Facade Design Worldwide

    A prominent provider of facade design and consultancy services, recognized as a leading architectural consultant in the field of building envelope design. Our expertise has contributed significantly to numerous iconic projects, including H1, spanning across global locations such as the Indian continent, South East Asia, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa, and Canada.

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