1. About Hyderabad and Project Location -

1.1. Why is Hyderabad a desirable location for this project?

Ans. Hyderabad is a thriving center of economic activity, undergoing remarkable expansion and progress.

1.2. What is the latest project being launched in Hyderabad?

Ans. Hyderabad is set to witness the unveiling of India's tallest managed serviced residences as its latest project.

1.3. What are the current price trends of the Financial district?

Ans. As of 2023, residential units in the financial district of Hyderabad are being sold at a rate of Rs.12,000 per square foot.

2. About Project -

2.1. What type of accommodations does the project offer?

Ans. The project presents fully furnished five-star suites that are pre-tenanted.

2.2 What is the goal of the project?

Ans. The project aims to drive innovation, generate value for clients and stakeholders, and actively contribute to the economic and social development of Hyderabad.

2.3 Who is the project partnering with to manage the accommodations?

Ans. The project is partnering with world-renowned Oakwood, a leading hospitality partner

2.4 How can interested individuals get involved in the project?

Ans. Interested individuals can invest in the project and join the exciting journey towards making it a huge success.

2.5 What kind of project is Hyderabad one?

Ans. Located in the heart of Hyderabad's Financial District, India's tallest managed serviced residences offer pre-tenanted five-star suites. These suites are managed by Oakwood hotels and provide rental returns from the very first day. With a promising rental return for a duration of 10 years and an impressive 17% internal rate of return (IRR), this project stands out as an exceptional investment opportunity.

2.6 Who is the architect for this project?

Ans. Chapman Taylor

2.7 What is the possession date as per RERA?

Ans. June, 2027

2.8 What is the carpet area?

Ans. Type A - 198 sq ft

Type B - 272 sq ft

2.9 How many floors?

Ans. 47 floors, G + 4 floors of club + 41 floors of hotel suits

2.10 How many units on each floor?

Ans. 47 units on each floor, 30 units of Type A & 17 units of Type B

2.11 What are the amenities in this project?

Ans. Refer Brochure

2.12. What are the total number of units in this project?

Ans. 1,928

3. About Sensation -

3.1 Who is developing this Project?

Ans. Project has been developed by Sensation Infracon Pvt Ltd

3.2 Which other esteemed locations have witnessed the development of Sensation Infracon’s projects?

Ans. Sensation is constructing multiple projects in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa and Mumbai

3.3 What is Oakwood's role in the project?

Ans. Oakwood's expertise and experience will ensure that the project meets the highest standards of service, quality, and sustainability.

4. About Pricing -

4.1 What is bifurcation of the quoted rate per sq ft
Base rate - 10,500/ sq ft Furniture pack - 3,800/ sq ft for Type A & 2,800/ sq ft for Type B Highrise infrastructure charges -Rs.1,000/ sq ft Club membership - Rs.1,000/ sq ft Total Rate/ sq ft - Rs.16,300/ sq ft for Type A & Rs.15,300/ sq ft for Type B
4.2 How much UDS is registered?
For Type B - 546 sq ft - 18.09 sq ft For Type A - 397 sq ft - 13.5 sq ft
4.3 What is the maintenance cost after possession at H1?


4.4 What are additional charges apart from the Basic price?

Ans. Corpus Rs.300/ sq ft

Amenities Rs.500/ sq ft

GST @ 12%

Registration @ 7.6%

5. About Furniture -

5.1 What is the furniture pack?

Ans. Refer Price sheet page 2

6. About Legal -

6.1 What is the RERA number?

Ans. P02400003653

6.2 What approvals are received?


6.3 What is the stamp duty for the project in Hyderabad?

Ans. 7.6% on sale price + amenities cost

6.4 When will the AOS get registered?

Ans. Post 100% payment AOS can executed

6.5 What is the allotment process of H1 serviced apartments?


7. About Returns -

7.1 What is the guarantee of rental returns?

Ans. Lease agreement will be registered at the time of possession & MoU will be signed before the possession & construction period

7.2 Can investors earn rental income from day one?

Ans. Yes, investors can earn rental income from day one.

7.3 What is the expected IRR for investors?

Ans. The expected IRR for investors is 15.5%.

7.4 How much investment is required to earn a monthly rental income of Rs.44,500?

Ans. An investment of 60 lakhs is required to earn a monthly rental income of Rs.44,500

7.5 Can an investor avail loan?

Ans. No

7.6 How can Investor exit?

Ans. Open market

8. About Payment Plans -

8.1. What are payment plans available?

Ans. Super renter plan - 100% upfront payment payable in 3 weeks from the time of booking.

Super split plan - 40% upfront payable in 3 weeks, 20% at completion of 47 floors slab, 40% at the time of possession.